Our Principles

We believe in...
  • Teamwork

    between practitioners, schools and industry, each fraction supporting the other two. Benefit: improves clinical results. Growth of all elements involved = growth of homeopathy.

  • Unity

    respect and tolerance between the different schools of thought, being classical, contemporary, clinical, complex, individualized polypharmacy, Banerji protocols, Fibonacci series, spagyric, Schuessler Cell salts, drainage, isotherapy, anthroposophical, homotoxicology, pleomorphism, among others. Benefit: Consolidation of the therapeutic modality.

  • Certification

    The Council for Homeopathic Certification. Classical homeopathy is the base of our therapeutic method, is the fundamental structure of our science. Benefit: State recognition to practice and insurance coverage.

  • Continuing Education

    Benefit: improves clinical results.

  • Research

    Benefit: peers acceptance, evolution of the science of homeopathy, better clinical results. For updated research please visit:

    The American Institute of Homeopathy and Homeopathy Research Institute.

  • Uses

    Homeopathy can be used as a main and single therapeutic modality or to complement any other therapeutic modality, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, veterinary medicine, dentistry, conventional medicine, among other professions. Benefit: Increase versatility and adaptation of homeopathy, making it an easy therapeutic method to incorporate in the health care system.

  • Support

    our fellow homeopaths, not compete with them. Benefit: Homeopaths feel respected, we feel trusted.

  • Adaptation

    We adapt to how homeopaths work, not the other way around. Benefit: Homeopaths feel understood and encouraged.

  • Practitioners

    should be able to make a living out of the profession. Benefit: Practitioners will invest more in continuous education to improve their success rate. Increase the number of practitioners. Grow of pratitioners = growth of homeopathy.

  • Science

    as a dynamic process in continuous evolution. Benefit: Continuous search for improvement in the manufacturing process that perfects the quality and enhances the therapeutic results. Always respecting the traditional methods and complying with regulatory agencies.

  • Leaders

    Practitioners should be the leaders of the health care system, not insurance nor pharmaceutical companies. Benefit: Practitioners will have more time to spend with their patients and perform better quality care.

  • Success

    Your therapeutic results are our success. Benefit: Success and expansion of homeopathy.

  • Hippocrates

    “Primum non nocere” First do no harm.

We don't believe in...
  • Clash

    between different schools of thought. Detriment: Lack of a unified structure making very difficult for other professionals to understand and incorporate homeopathy into their practices.

  • Ego wrestling

    between different teachers, trying to impose their ways of thought as the ONLY truth. Detriment: Confuses new comers into the profession.

  • Competition

    between industry and practitioners. Detriment: Makes practitioners frail.

  • Grafting

    Detriment: Makes the industry weak or non existent.

  • Self prescribing

    for ailments other than first aid and self limiting conditions. Detriment: Exposes the individual to inaccurate and poor therapeutic results, discouraging him/her about homeopathy and searching for a professional homeopath.