About Us

OM Group, which is divided into two companies OHM PHARMA and OMed, a family based purpose driven company serving the homeopathic community for more than 50 years, providing products, services and education.

Dr. Dairo Melo (1930-1998) former president was one of the pioneers and leaders of homeopathy and integrative medicine in South America. Medical doctor trained in different homeopathic schools worldwide, Mexico (Prof. Proceso Sanchez), Argentina (Prof. Tomas Pasquero), Germany (Prof. Hans Reckebeg and prof R.Voll), and France (Prof. Paul Nogier), among others. Through his experienced practice of more than 40 years, he developed his own prescribing strategy, based in individualized polypharmacy, taking into account typology and its relation to metals.

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Dr. Dairo Melo Jr. medical doctor trained in the Argentinean School AMA – Asociacion Medica Argentina- led by Prof. Eizayaga, and Instituto Luis G. Paez, postgraduate school for homeopathy in Colombia. Currently he is president of OMed Ltda. OMed provides medical and education services in its homeopathic center. It is known for its openness in the homeopathic view and recognized for embracing the mainstreams of homeopathy.

Dr. Robert Melo, medical doctor trained at The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, where he got involved in research programs led by Dr. Peter Fisher and Prof. Flavio Dantas. At present time he is president of OHM PHARMA INC. Currently serves as appointed member of the HPCUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States), the organization that maintains the policies and procedures of the official compendium (HPUS) of homeopathy manufacturing in the U.S.A. Current member of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists, American Institute of Homeopathy, Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis, Council of Homeopathic Certification, North American Society of Homeopaths and National Center for Homeopathy. Passionate about unifying our community and elevating the scientific/qualitative standards for manufacturing, research, education, certification and practice of homeopathy.

Justyna Mazur, M.S. in chemistry and physics, currently serves as QA/QC director in OHM PHARMA, with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing homeopathic products according to FDA, DOH, HPUS and cGMP guidelines. Justyna is married to Robert and they have two children.